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dog she ever saw, she kept focusing in on the length of the tail. It hopped onto the rock wall on the west side of the overlook and then crept down from the wall into the woods. It was facing away from. 5:30 AM, beagle mix dog thrash against window to be let out; Donna looked out and saw a mountain lion, approx. femmescougard norfolk

Femmescougard norfolk - Cougar quest

I dont have the exact mileage marker as I never thought to mark an exact location (sorry). Janice is a volunteer for the park who, for two weekend days each month from May-Oct., is based as a guide at Old Rag Mountain in SNP near Madison,. This time, I yowled back in as close imitation and as loudly as I could manage through my human vocal structure. The grass was pretty high and I could see the cougar running away from me towards the "big woods" or where the property ended and several hundred acres of unoccupied property began. I have someone who will go out to the location with me to try to take pictures. My husband and I have owned a small cabin in the George Washington National Forest for the last 30 years. When she stood up out of her car, she saw a black panther crouched 4' from her at the side of the driveway. I am 100 confident this was a cougar and hope it doesn't come around here again. My husband raced about 3 feet to the door and slammed it shut, getting within a foot of the very surprised lion. .


Horny Brunette Love Anal Sex and Squirt - Brune, coquine et femme fontaine. They have just dried up a run off spring and cleared land behind my house for 2 additional home lots. 2010 Nov 13 (report date) Loudoun County, VA Observation Shad. It could have been nothing other than a mountain lion. DOs and DON'Ts - reprinted with web permission. see nearby observations 10/21/2011 10/23/2011. I have kept many written records of possible sightings.W. femmescougard norfolk