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property for their husbands, parents, and in-laws : Dora. Pion, now 12, refused and said she wanted to go to school. 223 The Maputo Protocol calls on governments to adopt legislative, administrative, social, and economic measures as may be necessary to identify the causes and consequences of all forms of violence against women including sexual violence whether it occurs in private or public, and to ensure. Increase access to post-primary education by ensuring that children can access secondary education irrespective of their Primary School Leaving Examination results. 44 Girls who are not in school are particularly vulnerable to marriage as parents fear that they will get pregnant and bring shame to the family. 209 The UN Human Rights Committee clarified in General Comment. There is a lot of pain when you combine FGM, and the forced marriage of a girl. Some girls with whom Human Rights Watch spoke said they contemplated suicide to avoid getting married. Food and drink, la Maison dans le Parc, french. 196 The argument that some practices are cultural norms and thus impervious to alteration cannot justify a governments failure to address discriminatory practices. Many serious marital problems are instead handled by traditional leaders, who apply the customary laws of Tanzanias various ethnic groups. So I got married. Tina., married at 15, Lindi Rural, April 2014 Violence against children is a significant problem in Tanzania.

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The Sexual Offences Special Provisions Act, adopted in 1998, criminalizes rape, sexual exploitation of children, and FGM, and sets the age of sexual consent at 18 years. 69 The completion of primary school in Tanzania is marked by taking the Primary School Leaving Examination (psle). In Tanzania, girls are more likely to be withdrawn from school when families face financial constraints because of their low social status and the costs of educating them. 212 Consent cannot be free and full when one of the parties involved is not sufficiently mature to make an informed decision about a life japheat com nancy partner, or the meaning and responsibility of marriage. The health worker tried to assist the girl: I took her to school. Tanzanian government policy allows schools to expel or exclude students who enter marriage or commit an offense against morality, which is often understood to mean pre-marital sex or pregnancy. Although married girls may attend vocational schools or centers - and Human Rights Watch did interview some girls who were attending these schools - they face many barriers to enrolling and remaining in them. A policeman saw me and asked me why I was crying. 55 Children who are abused at home, or who lack financial and other material support from their parents or extended families, are more likely to get married early in the hope of finding a better life. 160 Few Tanzanians have access to the formal legal system. Seek to harmonize laws to establish clarity and uniformity in application by enacting comprehensive family and marriage legislation that: Clearly sets the minimum marriage age for both boys and girls. Ensure that healthcare providers are informed about the illegality of mandatory pregnancy testing of girls, and the human rights violations at issue. 167 The Law of the Child Act, 2009, establishes a legal framework for child protection. 141 It is estimated that 3,700 new fistula cases occur annually in Tanzania. 139 Studies show that, although factors such as lack of access to timely and adequate maternity care are predisposing factors, physical immaturity is the key risk for developing obstetric fistula for girls under. Told Human Rights Watch that her husband was physically and verbally abusive, and that whenever she complained, he would reply, I bought you. Amani., 18, married at the age. She asked her mother to speak to him: My father became very angry and started beating me and my mother. 37 Girls working in small-scale gold mining areas are frequently approached for sex, and some girls form relationships with or marry adult miners. Makes proof of age compulsory for marriage. 166 While these are accepted ways of settling disputes within communities, the failure of customary procedures to address the criminal elements of gender-based crimes leaves victims without adequate remedy.